Build your dream house à la carte

At Maison en Dordogne, we can help you realise your dream of building a house to your individual requirements on a plot of land you chose.


This makes every project unique: no plot or house is the same. 

Through professional project management, we can take away the worries of ‘building at a distance’.

Enjoy your property stress-free

More than twenty two years of experience has taught me practically all there is to know about property construction in the Dordogne.

As the director and co-owner of the company, I will guide you through the technical process of having a house build, but also help you to overcome the language and culture barrier.

With my team of specialists, I will make sure you can enjoy your property stress-free.

Esther Bus

Meet our team

Sietze Jan Dijkstra

Henri Steyaert

Kijk, Zuid Frankrijk

Lhasa Apso Jazzy

Hondje Jazzy


Lennart van der Meulen

Eric van Rooij

André van der Marel

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